Sutures : Non-Absorbable
UNISILK Virgin Silk(V)and Braided Silk(Br) Sutures B.P.have excellent typing properties.
The braided materials are impregnated with waxes to reduce capillary action.
UNIMIDE Polyamide 6/6 Suture B.P. has high strength combined with excellent tissue tolerance.
UNIESTER Polyester suture B.P.has high tensile strength and is impregnated to reduce capillary action.
UNIESTER C This smooth Polyester material is extremely strong and the special finish reduces friction during passage through tissue. UNIESTER C is soft and supple and has excellent typing properties.
UNIPRO Monofilament Polypropylene has better typing properties than Monofilament Polyamide.
The material is inert, is very smooth and has less memory than Polyamide.
UNISTEEL Both the multifilament(braided and monofilament stainless steel wire sutures B.P.comply to british Standard B.S.7252. UNISTEEL wire sutures are extremely inert.