Multifilament Braided Stainless Steel Wire Suture Ph.Eur.
Monofilament Stainless Steel Wire Suture Ph.Eur.
Type non-absorbable.
Both braided and monofilament stainless steel wire sutures comply to BS7252.
Monofilament-very strong for sternal application.
Powerful cutting needle for smooth passage through bone.
Multifilament-insulated, soft braided wire for flexibility.
Monofilament-sternal closure.
Multifilament-temporary pacemaker wires.
Sterilised by gamma irradiation.
UniSteel sutures are guaranteed to meet the general requirements of the British Pharmacopoeia (B.P.), the European Pharmacopoeia(Ph.Eur.), and the United States Pharmacopoeia(U.S.P.).