Monofilament Polyamide 6 Suture B.P., Blue.
Monofilament Polyamide 6/6 Suture B.P.,Black.
Larger sizes are blue, sizes finer than 0.7 (6/0) are black.
Extruded to provide a monofilament strand for smooth passage through tissue with minimal trauma.
Type-non-absorbable synthetic material.
High strength.
Excellent tissue tolerance.
Wide range of needles for skin and fascia closure including looped products.
Uses-procedures where non-absorbable monofilament sutures are indicated, especially skin and fascia closure.
Sterilised by gamma irradiation/Ethylene Oxide.
Braided Polyamide 6/6 sutures B.P. Black.
Manufactured from braided filaments of polyamide 6/6 impregnated with special waxes.
Type-non-absorbable synthetic material.
Excellent tissue tolerance.
Handles like silk.
Braided for secure knotting.
Wax impregnated for smooth passage through tissue.
Uses-procedures where non-absorbable,braided suture are indicated, eg:skin, G.I anastomosis.
Sterilised by gamma irradiation.